The First International Conference on the Film Histories of Taiwan and Asia: Film Wars in the 1930s and 1940s
October 31, 2015 (Saturday)

09:00-09:10    Opening Ceremony

09:10-10:20    Keynote Speech I, Host: Prof. Daw-Ming LEE (Taipei National Univ. of the Arts, TNUA)

Title: The Problem of Empire: Japan's Film Wars in Asia
Speaker: Prof. Michael Baskett (The University of Kansas)

10:20-10:30    Break

10:30-12:00    Session One: Colonial Cinema and the War, Host & Discussant: Assoc. Prof. CHANG Lung-chih (Academia Sinica & National Tsing-Hua Univ.)

Title: Wars in Projection: Revivals of the Magic Lantern Shows in Colonial Taiwan
Speaker 1: Laura Jo-Han WEN (PhD candidate, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)

Title: The use of film by Taiwan Education Society and the colonial government before and after the Asia-Pacific War
Speaker 2: Prof. Daw-Ming LEE (TNUA)

12:00-13:30     Lunch Break

13:30-14:50    Keynote Speech II, Host: Assoc. Prof. Chang-Yan CHANG (Shih Hsin University)

Title: Publicity for the Image of Modern Japan or Propaganda for National Policy?: Strategies of Japanese Cinema in the Centuries of Wars
Speaker: Prof. IWAMOTO Kenji (Nihon University)

14:50-15:00    Break

15:00-16:10    Session II: Colonial Film Propaganda during the Sino-Japanese War
Host & Discussant: Prof. Daw-Ming LEE (TNUA)

Title: 日本電影在上海―以孤島及日據時期為中心
Speaker: Dr. LIU Wenbing (Tokyo Univ.)

Title: 日據區東方殖民主義電影的幻滅-以「滿洲國」滿系離散電影人為中心
Speaker: Mr. Zhang Quan (Researcher, Beijing Academy of Social Sciences)

16:10-16:20    Break

16:20-16:40    Introducing “Early Chinese Newspapers Film History Database,” “Historical Source Database of Cinema Studies on Taiwan Film History,” and “Taiwan Cinema Studies Network”

Speaker: Prof. Emilie YEH (H.K. Baptist University) & Daw-Ming LEE (TNUA)

16:40-18:00    Session III: Chinese Cinema during the Sino-Japanese War
Host & Discussant: Assoc. Prof. Edmond WONG (TNUA)

Title: War-time Shanghai Cinema: Trajectories from Leftist, Soft-tone cinema movement, to Isolated Island and Jewish Cultural Ghetto
Speaker 1: Assoc. Prof. Albert Wei-min TANG (Fu Jen Catholic University)

Title: 歌舞裴回-戰爭,與和平:重探方沛霖導演1940年代的歌舞電影
Speaker: Edwin W. CHEN (Taiwan Film Institute)

18:00-19:20    Dinner

19:20-21:30    Film Screenings
Host: Prof. Daw-Ming LEE (TNUA)
1. The Double Life of Li Xianglan (60 min) 2. Southward to Taiwan (65 min)

November 1, 2015 (Sunday)

09:00-10:30    Keynote Speech III
Host: Assoc. Prof. Chang-Yan CHANG (Shih Hsin University)
Title: Li Xianglan: An Actress with A Thousand Names
Speaker: Prof. YOMOTA Inuhiko (YOMOTA Goki) (Kyoto University of Art and Design)

10:30-10:50    Break

10:50-12:00    Session IV: Film Actors in the Sino-Japanese War
Host & Discussant: Prof. Emilie YEH (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Title: 孤島時期上海電影女星的處境與生存策略-以周璇、陳雲裳、李香蘭為例
Speaker: TONG Yali (PhD candidate, Free University of Berlin)

12:00-13:30    Lunch Break

13:30-14:50    Keynote Speech IV
Host: Prof. Wenchi LIN (Taiwan Film Institute)
Title: MAITRE PUPPETS: Artists in Wartime
Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Darrell Davis (Lingnan University)

14:50-15:00    Break

15:00-17:30    Roundtable Forum
Host: Daw-Ming LEE (TNUA)
Topic: Film Wars: How Chinese and Japanese governments used film for propaganda purpose in the Sino-Japanese War
Discussants: Professors Iwamoto, Yomota, Liu, and Baskett, etc.

17:30    Conclusion